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The Sleeping Beuaty... by DianaJones
The Sleeping Beuaty...
I'm in totally chok over this photo! it's so amazing and I acctully look like a girl!
 love the photo so much!!!
Oh yeah, I like aurora in her blue dress the most, so that's why I decided to make
it blue instead of the standard pink version everybody make.

Character: Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty", Blue dress version
                   copyright the original creators


Hallo all Watchers!! 8D

First of all; It makes me extremely happy that you guys want to follow my work weather it's cosplay or drawnings.
next: I'm so sorry that I have not update you fairly!

Since I finally have found a photographer which I think takes really awesome pictures, I have decided to become more "online" with updating status and projects ;)
So this is the activity for the next days. Also you can go check out my cosplay page at facebook: D Sushien cosplay
The Warriorprincss.... by DianaJones
The Warriorprincss....
This is my abselouty favorite picture from shoot!!
I love the stance and the calm glance I have in my eyes!!

Character: Xena from "Xena the Warirorprincess
                   copyright the original creators:
John Schulian and Robert G. Tapert


Cosplayer and artist:…


DianaJones's Profile Picture
Diana Windfeldt-Schmidt
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm young woman studying prehistoric archeology at the University of Copenhagen,
when I'm dead serious and boring!
But in my sparetime I loove to create and craft costumes from a variety of series and

You can also follow my crafting progress at my facebook site: D Sushien Cosplay.

Feel free to ask about anything you might need ideas or help for. I will gladly
try to help :D
Hallo everybody!!!

First of all, hope ya all had at least a good christmas. For my point of view it was awesome!
As you know I just moved to my own appartment in september and since I have not made
a party for that, my crazy dad decieded that I should be the one the celebrated christmas.
Sure 4 peopel on 22 m2. We are used to a caravan so it was actully more luxury to celebrated
it here in my apparment! XD
We were eating the most of Christmas day, the 24th. Preparing the dinner together, Barbequed
duck, and we ate so much that wee could not eat any candy later, when me watch movies.
But it have been so much fun having the family around again.

Beside that, it is actully a few days ago, I finally got my determination back!
Yes I think that I'm almost over my depression time. I have been thinking anf felt so lonely
for many months and in the end I did the right thing to talk with you guys. Anonymous people.
It gave me the opportunity to clean out my minds and put them back in ordre. I think I know
what it was and still is making me so depressed. I don't feel like being apart of this society. I
want to live outside it and when I was in Australia, I lived 6 and a half month outside the society.
I was a free bird, streching my wings and I loved it. When I got back, it was like getting catch by
society again and put back into the cage. My freedom wass gone and once again I had to play
by the rules of the society.....
I never realised this before, but the real reason for why I want to be an archeologist is bcause I
love to experince new cultures and landscapes. I love history and I'm fascinated about the past
since they could live in the nature with out the tecnologies we have to day. Back in the time, when
I still was a kid I had the same feeling, but I locked away my feelings, put my self into the box of
society, and kept my eyes on the one goal I was whishing for: Becoming an archeologist and travel
the world, learn about the past and discover.

So basicly, for me to live in the society, I need a true goal. Not a goal about becoming succesful.
not a goal about getting a family, a house or anything of these material things many peopel connects
with our society today. No... My real goal and the one I keep in my head until my education is finished,
is to travel the world. All I will carry with me will be a backpack with two sets of close, some food
and maybe a tent. I don't know yet. But I do know, that as soon as I finished at uni, I will leave. I travel
with not much money for I don't know how many years. I will jump on a train to a random direction in
Europe. I will walk difficult parts in Asia and get around on the old fasion way. Horseback or whatever
transport I can get on the ground, because flying will be my last option. I want to see, experience and breath in
every single country on this earth.
Because of that I also know that the hobbies I have know, the friends and everybody I know and all that I keep
dear to me, I have to abandon. One day I will come back for sure, but I don't know when.

For now I can tell ya all, that I will be staying in Denmark and finished my edducation for at least the
next 5 years. That give me the opportunity to save some money as well. Thanks again everybody for
ya support :D
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